• Advice on business creation: We offer support to the employer to establish and finance the new company or project. We analyze the economic and financial viability while seeking the best alternatives and negotiate financing and investment.

  • Support in mergers and acquisitions: We advise and support during the entire process of merger and / or acquisitions. We facilitate contact and capitalist industrial sector concerned and the negotiation of the final agreement and the subsequent signing of the contract of sale ...

  • Reorganization and Debt Restructuring: Analysis of the current financial situation and its underlying financial risks and advice on the negotiation of change or restructuring of existing debt.

  • Renegotiation of the current economic conditions: Analysis of financial expenses and renegotiation with the banks to reduce the current cost.

  • Obtaining new bank debt or capital inflow: current and historical, for the preparation of a financial study so we can find and negotiate new debt with financial institutions or attracting investment partners financial analysis. Once the financing round is finished, we inform the customer friendly products, to the subsequent election.

  • Treasury Management: we analyze the current treasury and look for a program to improve cash flow to establish a cash-flow forecast model according to the needs of each client. We manage and advise the cash surpluses, to achieve maximum profitability.

Services to investors
Services to companies
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