In Summa Patrimonia see that the complexity of the current financial market directly affects the day to day business and its results. That's why we offer our clients a comprehensive and continuous advice through a merger of our knowledge in the sector and the real needs of the company advised.


Our philosophy is accompanied at all times the employer and understand your business, in order to properly advise on decisions in the financial section. To do this we provide the following services:


Advisory Banking

The daily management to banking, its products and its committees became complicated to moderation over time. It is crucial that each company uses its right products at the best possible price. From Summa Patrimonia, try the relationship with the bank is as beneficial to your company as possible.



Internal Control Management

Internal control costs and to read their analytical, is important in the ultimate benefit of the company. Summa Patrimonia, brings his knowledge to assess the current situation, diagnose problems or areas for improvement and finally make a strategic plan to enhance profitability.


Services to investors
Services to companies
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