Stand Alone financial advice? He believed that only the banks and could advise Is it a new service?


In Spain this is an innovative service (Royal Decree that regulates EAF figure dates from 2008), but not in the US or European countries long tradition of financial and investment as the United Kingdom or Switzerland, among others.


How many tax experts had in Spain 25 years ago compared to today?


The same applies to independent financial advisers. A richer, more sophisticated and need for expert advice


Do I have to open an account with Summa Patrimonia to operate?


No, our customers have their financial assets deposited in banks, savings or securities dealers, and always, and in all cases, any statement or action on their investments requires their express signature. We will not figured in any case as proxies in the accounts of our customers.


Is this service only for clients with a profile more dynamic or aggressive investment?


Not at all. All investment profiles, absolutely everyone, including the most conservative, would gain an independent financial adviser. In fact, today, who would require our services are fairly conservative profile clients, where more imagination and above all, much knowledge is required.


Moreover, in this case, trading down commissions with risk management becomes more necessary than ever.


What is the real risk that the investor buys?


Not infrequently conservative investors have purchased products sold as "insurance" that have proved otherwise. For example, they thought they had in their deposits portfolio and what really had acquired were preferred shares or voting shares, curiously the same financial institution that was advising.


Is this service only for very wealthy investors?


This quiet, if you can afford the services of a good mechanic, a good electrician, a good manager, a good tax specialist, and other good professionals, can also afford a good INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISER.


Why do we care so many facets of our lives and we tend to neglect the money?


The banks and often assess and classify customers according to the volume of its portfolio: private banking, preferential banking, private banking, etc ... giving each model certain product types. Interestingly, the lower the portfolio, the higher the percentage of own product; and vice versa.


It also happens that the same product are different fees are determined based on the volume of each client. In Summa Patrimonia, all customers share ideas and experiences of big investors.

I am an experienced investor What can you bring me?


Even experienced investors usually require a professional financial advisor to help them make the right choice among thousands of investment products offered today.


We work with investors who feel the need to improve the profitability of their investments properly manage risk and take greater control of their heritage. Good investors do not have all the answers but make sure you understand what you are buying before investing.


To me, my bank does not charge me for advise me, why should hire the services of an independent consultant?


Would be multiple reasons, including:


1. There must be clear that financial institutions typically offer only those products or services that higher profit margin generates. And this interest in "placing" their own products often do not coincide with the interests of investors.


We do not sell any products, advise transparency and rigor. To us only we pay the customer, and he deserves to value risk very well, and a little guidance at all times so that your investment portfolio includes the best financial products on the market, whether the entity that are, at a price reasonable.


2. The bank or is part of the negotiation.


How will negotiate on behalf of their client if each commission rebate, each extra guy who pays, every euro "forgive" goes against your bottom line?

Summa Patrimonia executives have worked for years for domestic and international financial institutions. From this experience on the other side of the barrier, negotiate with banks and expense and FOR the Customer.

We do that we are Customer. Arguably only savings we generate customer in the bank negotiations, amply pay our fees.

What about investments in OTC markets?

Does your bank or advise you on the purchase of shares in an unlisted company? Will it help in buying a piece of art cataloged or selling a collection? Have you notified if presented a good real estate opportunity? Does not grant funding, will help you get it from another source? We SI.

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