• Diagnostic and Feasibility Plans: Definition and monitoring the strategic plan clearly boosting the growing flow of business and improve profitability and solvency of the business sustainably in the short, medium and long term.

  • Financial Control and Management: consider of vital importance to identify the variables to be monitored to see its evolution so we can analyze the results for taking corrective measures. We design and implement management reports which analyzes and monitoring the key variables for making decisions.

  • Cost Analysis and Cost: The definition, application and calculation of the costs of the products manufactured from the conversion of a production process (in different phases) to its economic valuation applied to the product, are methods of calculation ensuring correct assessment of each product produced, for fixing the selling prices at a competitive level and market, maintaining and ensuring the contribution margins.

  • Savings Programs and Operational Efficiency: A control each of the resources used to purchase or pay the costs of the company, it is vital to correct improper practices and even the sense of optimizing available resources.

  • Productivity Studies: A study of production costs by product range, its bottom line profitability analysis and cost improvement in the process, are fundamental to improving profitability.

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