We offer personalized and individualized service to our customers, in order to find the best possible solution for their needs. Once detected the profile of each customer, we select investment instruments more suited to their characteristics.


One of the most important things for Summa Patrimonia is capital preservation of our customers and that's why we periodically review the evolution of the portfolios and inform our customers of their evolution. As we are in a constantly evolving market, this methodology allows us to detect and convey to our customers that we believe appropriate changes in their portfolios, for proper optimization of their heritage.


Service for individuals and families:


professional financial advice: In an increasingly competitive and where the offer financial products and services is constantly evolving, Summa Patrimonia offers extensive knowledge of his advisers in the sector financial market.


personalized and individualized management: Summa Patrimonia offers personalized and individualized service to each of its customers, according to their characteristics.


• Investment strategy according to their profile: Define customer profile and make adequate investment proposal in accordance with its risk profile.


• ensured Objectivity: Summa Patrimonia provides objectivity in choosing the best financial products and services of third parties, focused exclusively on the interests of our clients.


• Constant monitoring of the evolution of the investments made: Summa Patrimonia constantly conducts evaluations of portfolio returns, to detect proper development and optimization.

• Study the market for new products constantly conducted research into new products in the market, to find new investment alternatives to our clients' portfolios.

• Reporting of investments: Preparation of summary of the management and its evolution, to allow the best choice of products for your heritage.

• comprehensive and integrated management: This is integrated and the different aspects of wealth management, both economically (investment, insurance, real estate) as fiscally (inheritance, taxation etc.) is coordinated

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